About Us

Danny's Bonefishing was started by Danny Vanterpool in 2006, shortly after he moved back to his home island of Anegada. Fishing around Anegada in the British Virgin Islands, though the business didn't gain its name until 2008. Danny was running his own guiding service the day he returned. He grew up on Anegada and started guiding at age 14 with his father, Clinton Vanterpool, who was Anegada's first bonefishing guide. Clinton was a self taught guide who inspired and taught others to guide. He took out numerous guests throughout the years including former President Jimmy Carter who wrote about his trip in a book entitled "Outdoor Journal". On days when Clinton couldn't make the trip to fish with his guests, he sent out his son Danny to fill in for him. Danny was exposed to the guiding life at an early age and learned a lot about bonefishing from his father and from guests who had vast amounts of knowledge from worldwide fishing experience.

When Danny was 17 years old he moved to the U.S. and only guided when he came back to Anegada on vacation. Clinton retired himself from bonefishing in 2004, to take up lobster fishing full time. Danny's Bonefishing was started in 2006 when Danny returned to Anegada and picked up where his father had left off by guiding full time. As business picked up, Danny turned what was once a hobby into a year around Guide Service called Danny's Bonefishing. Danny prides himself on being a full time, independent bonefishing guide service. With his knowledge of the flats and knowing the nature of the bonefish, he is building a reputation in the business that any fly fisherman would trust. With 2 years as a company and 10 years of experience in guiding, Danny's Bonefishing is without a doubt a remarkable experience.